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Our Service Lines


Asset Operations Engineering and Modelling

  • Model-based Operation and Maintenance Solutions, Model-based life cycle cost analysis, BIM-powered asset management models, BIM-powered Maintenance and Warehouse Planning

  • Automation models in construction projects

  • Asset tracking systems development

  • Digital Twinning Services

  • GIS-based municipal and regional management systems



  • Evidence-based demand analysis and validation

  • Analytical Systems Modelling and Forecasting

  • Feasibility Studies and examination of impact of specific projects for investment decisions


Transportation Engineering and Planning

  • Integrated Traffic Modelling and Forecasts, Transportation Economics, Logistics Planning, Automated Audits, Intelligent Transportation Systems Design, Urban-Transportation Interface Planning 

  • Passenger traffic/flow modelling 

  • Evacuation and Fire Escape Routes Modelling and Dynamic Simulations and Training

Sustainability and Responsible

Investment Solutions

  • Urban sustainability 

  • Impact and ESG Investing Services, Corporate ESG Investment Ratings, Capital Markets Sustainability Principles Compliance Support and Audits

  • Energy Efficiency and Green Energy Transition

  • Carbon Footprint Calculations and Benchmarking

  • Circular economy and zero waste

  • Noise Modelling (SoundPlan, CadnaA), Air Dispersion and Air Quality Modelling (Aermod, ISCT3), 

  • Bankable Project Preparation Support

  • ISO 26000, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 application support and audits


Healthcare Services Planning

  • Healthcare Technology and Medical Equipment Services, 

  • Medical and Non-Medical Service Planning, 

  • Client/Bidder Support, 

  • Facility Planning, 

  • Hospital Renovation Planning, Technical Assistance

Renewables Engineering

  • Turn-Key Wind and Solar PV Project Development Solutions, 

  • Site-Selection and Energy Yield Assessment Simulations,

  • Intelligent O&M Monitoring, 

  • Machine-Assisted Pre/Post Operational Inspections, 

  • Owners’ Engineering, 

  • Development of Basic Design, 

  • Technical & Functional Specifications, 

  • Preparation of Full Package of Project Tender Documents, 

  • FEED solutions


Infratech Infrastructure Investment Funds

Infrastructure assets are essential in society such as schools, roads, hospitals, data or resources. They also provide basic yield and access to developing economies.

Our infrastructure platform focuses on emerging economies, equity and debt and with a variety of medium to high risk-return spectrum. With local teams based in London, Istanbul, Almaty, Dubai and Tashkent, we are well equipped to identify and pursue infrastructure assets in the developing economies. 

We aim for growth by investing in companies that have low price/earnings ratios in relations to their earnings growth, strong cash flows and financial positions. 

We focus on assets on renewable energy, healthcare, digital infrastructure and utilities.

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